Raving lunatics.

Ray Comfort's Daily Evidence

A woman’s car broke down late one moonless night in an unfamiliar area. She was afraid, so she wound the vehicle’s windows up tight, locked the doors, and turned on the car radio to keep her company. She decided that it would be wise to wait until the morning light before going for help.

A short time later a frantic man appeared at her window and began to yell at her. Frightened, she gestured for him to go away. He left and then returned seconds later with a rock in his hand, smashed the window of her car, and pulled her out, much to the woman’s horrified protests.

As they fell to the ground a massive train slammed into her car, causing it to burst into flames.

You may consider Christians to be raving lunatics, but all we are frantically trying to do is warn you that you are in…

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