“How to witness in other cultures?”

Ray Comfort's Daily Evidence

While we must be culturally sensitive in foreign countries, we need not do what most missionaries have done in the past—spend years learning the culture and the language of the nation before they shared the gospel.

The biblical gospel message is applicable to all people everywhere—whether they are in the U.S. or overseas, in a high-rise or a lowly hut, rich or poor, happy or hurting, regardless of their beliefs or their lifestyles. We do not need to tailor specific outreaches to each individual group, because the disease of sin and the cure of the Savior apply to all humanity. God has given light to every man, and the universal moral Law is written on the heart of all people in all cultures.

In every nation people have a God-given conscience and a will to live. To be effective (with God’s help), all we need is a good translator and…

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