The Law is holy.

Ray Comfort's Daily Evidence

David presumed that all God required was sincerity, despite the fact that only the sons of Kohath were supposed to carry the ark and that anyone who touched it would die (see Num. 4:1–15). Remember that the ark contained the Law of God. The ark was holy only because the Law is holy. The lesson is that it does matter how we “carry” the gospel into this world. It exists only because of the Law. It was the Law of Moses that put Jesus on the cross. Had there been no perfect righteousness demanded by the Law, Jesus would not have had to suffer for our sins. If God is so serious about how the Law is physically carried, how much more should we fear if we neglect it—and even despise it—when proclaiming the gospel? All the song and dance in the world doesn’t please God, if we don’t do…

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