The most hated name…

Ray Comfort's Daily Evidence

The most hated name in the world is not Osama bin Laden, Hitler, or Judas Iscariot. None of those names are internationally used as a cuss word. By far the winner of the Most Despised Name award is Jesus Christ. He is an all-time Hollywood favorite. His name is used as a cuss word in books and magazines, on radio and TV, all over the Internet, and in everyday speech. Jesus predicted that the world would hate Him because He testified that its works are evil (see John 7:7). The world hates Jesus for the same reason devious criminals hate the police.

Using His name as a cuss word is not the only way to deal with this problem of Jesus of Nazareth. You can try to wash your hands of Him by doing what the Mormons did—make up your own “Jesus,” who is the brother of Lucifer. Or you…

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