Cycle of cause and effect.

Ray Comfort's Daily Evidence

Karma. It is popular in Western culture to embrace something called “karma.” Hindus, Buddhists, New Agers, and others believe in this concept of a cycle of cause and effect. It is popular because it sounds reasonable—you bear the consequences for your own actions—and seems to give an explanation for suffering. The problem with the philosophy of karma is that it is tied to the error of reincarnation. Supposedly what you did in your past life affects you now, and what you do in this life will determine your future reincarnation.

The idea of karma requires an impersonal “force” that is able to see all people everywhere, keep track of all their deeds, determine whether each is good or bad, tally the results to see if each individual should be rewarded or punished, and assign their identity in the next life. That would require an entity that is eternal, intelligent, omniscient, omnipotent…

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