ROCKET WAR UPDATE: Israel accepts ceasefire plan, but Hamas rejects it. Here’s the latest.

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(Washington, D.C.) — Early this morning, the Israeli security cabinet voted to accept Egypt’s cease fire proposal.

Hamas leaders, however, promptly rejected the proposal as a “joke.”  Instead, they fired a barrage of 47 rockets at Israel just as the Israelis stopped their combat operations.

Senior Israeli government sources say Hamas’ rejection clears the way for Israel to launch new attacks against the terrorists in Gaza. They also say it provides broad international legitimacy for Israel’s defensive efforts because Israel is being seen by world leaders as reasonable while Hamas is clearly the aggressor.

Netanyahu has ordered Israeli air strikes to recommence. Now the question is whether he and his security cabinet will decide a major ground operation is necessary and wise.

Clearly, we need to keep praying for calm to be restored soon. After all, so much pain and so much damage has been caused by this latest rocket war so far.

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