ROCKET WAR UPDATE, Day #6 & 7: Thank God for “Iron Dome.” How does Israel’s anti-rocket defense system work?

Joel C. Rosenberg's Blog

irondome(Washington, D.C.) — In just the past week alone, Palestinian terrorists in Gaza have fired over 1,ooo rockets at Israeli civilians. In recent days, rockets have been fired at Israel from Lebanon and Syria, too. While there have been some injuries, not a single Israeli has been killed by these attacks so far. How is this possible?

Thank God for the “Iron Dome.” So far, Israel’s seemingly-miraculous anti-rocket defense system has:

  • shot down more than 200 rockets, successfully destroying 90% of the targets it’s been fired at
  • saved countless Israeli lives in the process.
  • bought time for Israeli leaders not to have to invade Gaza precipitously, but to be able to gather more and better intelligence on the enemy, mobilize the army, train for a possible invasion, move to the Gaza border, and prepare for a major ground operation in a disciplined, patient, prudent way — and on the timetable of Israel’s…

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