“Is taking God’s name in vain really a sin?”

Ray Comfort's Daily Evidence

“What if someone doesn’t believe ‘taking God’s name in vain’ is a sin?”

The lost may argue that they don’t consider casually saying “God” to be blasphemy. In fact, the phrase “omigod” is so embedded in the vocabulary of youth today that it is shortened to “OMG” for ease in text messaging. It is just a meaningless word to them. In other words, they don’t esteem the name of God. The Hebrew word used for “vain” means nothingness, emptiness, vanity. According to John F. Walvoord, to misuse God’s name means literally, “to lift it up to or attach it to emptiness.” The Third Commandment forbids using God’s name flippantly or in profanity. So using the Lord’s name lightly or without thinking is the very essence of taking it “in vain.

Another argument you may encounter is that the Seventh Commandment refers only to adultery, not fornication (sex before marriage). But…

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