Do you worship a sport?

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Many modern cultures worship graven images, which are anything that is venerated—whether it is an image of a rat, a Buddha, Mary, dead “saints,” or even an icon of Jesus on the cross. For those who would disagree with such thoughts, read carefully Exod. 20:4,5. The Ten Commandments couldn’t make it any clearer that we are not to bow down to any image. God alone is to be worshiped. It is a tragedy that the Roman Catholic church removed the Second Commandant from their catechism and split the Tenth Commandment into two to hide the fact that it is missing.

Micah 5:13 Your carved images I will also cut off, And your sacred pillars from your midst; You shall no more worship the work of your hands;

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2 thoughts on “Do you worship a sport?”

  1. I couldn’t agree more with this post! Back in 2009, I went to Athens to attend my mother’s fneral. My siblings and relatives from the US came to attend the funeral. Whilst at my father’s house, my sister excused herself from the table after lunch and said that she was going to pray. She entered her room and came back a few moments later with a little black book in her hand. Standing in front of a tapestry of the last supper, she started to read out some of the ‘prayers’ in the book. To be honest, she may have been reciting poetry, for all the good that would have done… The Roman Catholic and Greek Orthodox churches have a lot to answer for!

  2. Awesome insight into a really controversial subject! I couldn’t agree more about the Roman Catholic and the Greek Orthodox churches for breaching the commandments. My heart and prayers go out to all of them as so many of them continue to be deceived that they are in right standing before God. Great post Bro. Elias and thanks for sharing!

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