Israel turns 66. Here’s the story of how the U.S. almost didn’t support the prophetic rebirth of the Jewish State in May of 1948.

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Israel-rebirth-newspaper ( Tel Aviv, Israel) — After an amazing and fascinating week in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordanfor which I’m so grateful, I arrived in Israel last night to celebrate the 66th anniversary of the rebirth of the State of Israel. This is my first time to be here for Independence Day and it is very special.

Today, many take the existence of the modern nation of Israel for granted. But it is actually a stunning miracle and the fulfillment of ancient Bible prophecies.

Indeed, few Americans know how close the U.S. government came to refusing to support the establishment of the State of Israel in May of 1948. Few realize that most of President Truman’s advisors were dead set against the Jewish state, despite the horrors of the Holocaust, and that even many American Jews didn’t support the re-creation of Israel. But God had His purposes. He had His plan. And He…

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