Did Israel just strike a weapons depot in Syria? Latest reports.

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“A Syrian air defense base near the port city of Latakia was completely destroyed on Thursday morning in a missile attack from the sea,” reports the Jerusalem Post, citing Arab media accounts. “According to reports emanating from the rebels seeking to oust Syrian President Bashar Assad, a large explosion occurred near the army base in Latakia on Wednesday night. Witness posted on Twitter that the explosion happened near coastal city Jableh, 30 kilometers south of Latakia, a stronghold of Assad’s Alawites.”

“It is unclear who is behind the explosion or its purpose,” the Post noted. “There were no reports of casualties. Members of the Syrian and Lebanese media have charged that Israel is behind the attack. Israel’s defense establishment has not responded to the report. Channel 2 News reported that the attack’s target was a S-125 surface-to-air missiles battery. Satellite images of the area obtained by Channel 2 show the…

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Why Egypt’s top general is so popular, and why he may run for president.

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The Egyptian military commander who overthrew the Mohammed Morsi regime and is waging an aggressive crackdown on the Muslim Brotherhood, is growing increasingly popular amongst the people of Egypt. Indeed, there is growing talk that when elections are held sometime in 2014, the General may be the prohibitive front-runner.

Consider recent headlines:

Clearly he is someone to keep an eye on, and be praying for. But why is the General so popular? And will he really run for president?

Consider this analysis by a former senior Israeli military intelligence official.

“Since the ousting of President Morsi on July 3, 2013, the issue of who will be…

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“Iran two weeks away from weapons-grade uranium”: former IAEA senior official.

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“Iran could produce enough weapons-grade uranium to build an atomic weapon within two weeks and has, “in a certain way,” already reached the point of no return in its nuclear program, a former senior International Atomic Energy Association official said Monday,” reports the Times of Israel.

“I believe that if certain arrangements are done, it could even go down to two weeks. So there are a lot of concerns out there that Iran can hopefully now address, in this new phase, both at the P5+1 [talks between Tehran and six world powers] and with the IAEA,” former IAEA deputy director Olli Heinonen said, confirming a report released last week by the Washington-based Institute for Science and International Security, which stated Iran could muster enough uranium for a bomb by converting all of its 20-percent enriched stockpile within 1 to 1.6 months.

Excerpts from the Times story:

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Tribute to Pastor Chuck Smith Includes Praise for Biblical Foundation, Loyal Support of Israel: Christian Post

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hondacenter2-smithevent“Pastor Chuck Smith, regarded by many prominent Christian leaders as having influenced their ministries and spiritual lives, was remembered as a preacher holding firm to Biblical principles and a loyal friend to Israel at a memorial tribute Sunday evening,” reported the Christian Post.

“More than 16,000 people at the event, as well as those viewing the live stream webcast internationally, watched as Smith, who died on Oct. 3 after battling lung cancer, was honored through words, music, and video,” noted the Post.

“He preached his last sermon four days before he went to heaven,” said evangelist Greg Laurie, who was one of several featured pastors speaking at the Honda Center in Anaheim, Calif. “When a loved one leaves us, like Chuck, we feel great sadness, but I must say, please don’t feel sadness for him. We might say, ‘Oh, poor Chuck, I wish he could be here tonight to…

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Israel capable of setting back Iran’s nuclear program, ex-air force chief indicates

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“Sanctions alone are not sufficient to pressure Iran to abandon its nuclear program, former Israeli Air Force commander Ido Nehushtan said on Saturday morning, and he indicated that the Israel Air Force was capable of setting back the Iranian nuclear program if ordered to do so,” reports the Times of Israel. “Advocating a carrot-and-stick approach, Nehushtan said the option of a military strike on Iran, which claims its nuclear program is peaceful but has refused to honor international resolutions aimed to prevent it attaining nuclear weapons capability, must remain on the table.”

“Nobody’s happy about the idea of a military strike. It is carried out when the alternative is worse. There’s no knowing what’ll happen as a result of a military strike,” he said.

“Nehushtan stressed Tehran must realize that Israel is prepared to use the military option ‘as a means to an end,'” the Times noted. “He was…

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Must-read report describes “Iran’s 30+ year war with the United States.”

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report-secureamericanow(Washington, D.C.) — A timely and sobering report has just been published that describes the deadly war the government of Iran has waged against American citizens since the Islamic Revolution of 1979.

From the taking of American hostages in Tehran by Iranian students, to the killing of 241 Marines in Beirut by a terrorist group directed and funded by Iran, to Iran’s role in murdering U.S. soldiers in Iraq, the report makes clear the Iranian regime is not just taunting the American people, they are killing our people, and doing so with impunity.

The document — “Iran’s 30+ Year War With The United States” — was produced by Secure America Now, an organization of Americans committed to analyzing and strengthening U.S. national security. “

As the Obama Administration ‘engages’ in talks with Iran, it is important to keep in mind Iran’s protracted war against the American people and innocents everywhere,” notes the…

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This is the year for decision on Iran, says former IDF intelligence chief.

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“In a probing interview with New Republic published on Wednesday, former IDF intelligence chief Amos Yadlin made his assessment clear: the coming year would be the year of decision for Israel,” reports the Times of Israel. “The next several months, he said, would provide the last opportunity for Israel to confidently and effectively strike Iran’s nuclear program, if that’s what it chooses to do.”

“Yadlin, now the director of the Tel Aviv-based Institute of National Security Studies, was careful not to advocate for an attack in the interview, and he made clear that Israel also has the option in the coming months to decide to leave the Iranian issue to the Obama administration, or Jerusalem could decide to live with a nuclear-capable Iran,” notes the Times. “According to Yadlin, the timetable for an American decision is different, as US capabilities leave the option of a military strike available for longer…

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Our House Was Converted into a Church

Hormoz Shariat

I have previously written about the amazing fact that Iran is home to the fastest growing Evangelical population in the world according to the extensive research of Operation World.  Considering that at the time of the Islamic Revolution of 1979, there were an estimated 500 total believers in Iran, compared with 1 million by conservative estimates today, it is not difficult to see the tangible expression of Operation World’s research.

Due to the stifling persecution of Christians by the Iranian government and resulting reluctance of believers to trust the security of plugging into community with people they do not know, the most liberal estimates assume that 30,000 people are members of underground house churches inside Iran.

While this is worth celebrating, it is also merits noting that there are at least 970,000 believers inside Iran who have no connection to fellowship with other believers.  This is a staggering reality…

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Inside Iran’s murder of 241 U.S. Marines in Beirut: Reflections on the Islamic Revolution 30 years to the day after the attack.

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The following is the excerpt from my 2009 non-fiction book,Inside The Revolution:

At 6:25 local time on the morning of October 23, 1983, agents of the ayatollah used a suicide bomber to plow a truck filled with explosives into the U.S. Marines barracks in Beirut, Lebanon.

The attack resulted in “the largest non-nuclear explosion that had ever been detonated on the face of the Earth,” according to a U.S. federal court judge who found the Islamic Republic of Iran guilty of perpetrating the crime.[i] Locked doors on a building nearly three hundred feet away were ripped off their hinges. All the trees in the surrounding area were stripped completely bare of their leaves. The windows in the control tower at Beirut’s international airport were blown out. And the four-story cement and steel Marine facility collapsed into fifteen feet…

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