5 Things You Didn’t Know About Hassan Rouhani’s Visit to the US – #5

Help me pray for Iran’s president friends!

Hormoz Shariat

Rouhani gained the upper hand by skipping lunch with President Obama and later receiving his phone call while leaving the country.

To a Westerner, both of these events may seem insipid or commonplace.

President Rouhani simply explained, “A meeting between the two presidents needs some preparation, and since the ground was not prepared, this meeting did not take place.”  As a result, President Obama picked up the phone and called Rouhani since they were not able to meet in person.  This gesture exhibited both respect and hospitality from a Western point of view.

However, both events, which seem ostensibly harmless, were great PR plays by Rouhani to the Persian culture.

By skipping a planned appointment with President Obama, Rouhani illustrated his stature of importance to the people of Iran and the rest of the Middle East whose culture recognizes this as a display of power.  Rouhani is so mighty and dominant…

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Live blog: Tracking Netanyahu’s US visit — Full text of Obama & Netanyahu statements now posted.

My awesome friends! Help me pray for Prime Minister Netanyahu, his wife Sara, and his senior advisors in this endeavor!

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(Washington, D.C.) — Throughout the next several days, I’ll be Tweeting and blogging about the latest developments. Please check back regularly for updates and analysis.

Also, please pray that the Lord would give great wisdom to Prime Minister Netanyahu and his senior advisors, that they would be like “the sons of Issachar, men who understood the times and knew what Israel should do.” (I Chronicles 12:32)

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  • News coverage of Netanyahu meeting at the White House begins to pop up:
  • “The two leaders, who spoke to the media after over an hour of talks, gave the impression of…

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